Queridos lectores, si os interesa la inteligencia artificial podéis leer el libro Possible Minds. 25 ways of looking at AI. Para estimular su lectura publicamos unas citas extraídas del libro por Jaume Puigbò. Está editado por John Brockman y podéis acceder a parte de su contenido en Edge.org donde hay algunas entrevistas o charlas de algunos de sus contribuidores.

Arguably, natural language is our species’ most important invention.

Stephen Wolfram

Knowledge based programming not only is understandable by brains and communicable to other brains and to computers, it’s also immediately executable.

Stephen Wolfram

There’s no enormous abstract difference between us and the clouds or us and the cellular automata.

Stephen Wolfram

Much of science has been about shortcutting computation done by nature.

Stephen Wolfram

If you control the data, then you control the AI.

Alex Pentland

The actual mechanics of programming are easy now. What’s difficult is imagining things in a computational way.

Stephen Wolfram

What will the world look like when most people can write code?

Stephen Wolfram

The main risk in AI, to my mind, is not so much whether we can mathematically understand what they are thinking; it’s whether we’re capable of teaching them ethical behavior. We’re barely capable of teaching each other ethical behavior.

George M. Church

The most sophisticated AIs are still far from being able to solve problems that human four-year-olds accomplish with ease.

Alison Gopnik

Science has extended our knowledge about the world to the unimaginable large and the infinitesimally small…But all that reaches any of us from the world is a stream of photons hitting our retinas and disturbances of air at our eardrums. How do we learn so much about the world when the evidence we have is so limited? And how do we do all this with the few pounds of grey goo that sits behind our eyes?

Alison Gopnik

I am reasonably certain that computers will never be the overlords of bacteria.

Venki Ramakrishnan, Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Our own intelligence is the result of a search algorithm (evolution) that was able to change our physical form as well as our programming-those are inextricably linked.

What’s now being digitized, after communication and computation, is fabrication, bringing the programmability of bits to the world of atoms.

Neil Gershenfeld

Out state definition can’t just include the position of humans in the world. Instead, we’ll also need to estimate something internal to people. We’ll need to design robots that account for this human internal state, and that’s a tall order.

Anca Dragan

Our future, therefore, will be determined by our own decisions and no longer by biological evolution. In that sense, evolution has fallen victim to its own Control Problem.

Jaan Tallinn

The existence of affordable AGI means, by definition, that all jobs can be done more cheaply by machines, so anyone claiming that “people will always find nice well-paying jobs” is in effect claiming that AI researchers will fail to build AGI.

Max Tegmark

Consciousness is the cosmic awakening; it transformed our Universe from a mindless zombie with no self-awareness into a living ecosystem harboring self-reflection, beauty, hope, meaning, and purpose.

Max Tegmark

Alexandrina Rusu, Barcelona 02-10-2019